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Perfect Creature - Plot

Set during the 1960s in an alternate New Zealand known as Nuovo Zelandia, PERFECT CREATURE imagines a world where vampires and humans peacefully co-exist, with the bloodsuckers the next step in human evolution. This delicate balance looks to be destroyed when an influenza epidemic begins to sweep the human population and one vampire turns to preying on humans. The church sends out Silus to catch the renegade vampire, Edgar. Silus joins forces with a hum...
Director: Glenn Standring
IMDb Rating: 5.5 ( based on 4,809 votes )

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Perfect Creature

Perfect Creature
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  • Released: 18 Oct 2007
  • IMDb: tt0403407
  • Country: New Zealand, UK
  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy
  • Source: HD
  • Putlocker rating: Not yet rated